Unscramble the athlete names

hey athletes lets see if you can unscramble these athlete names .First 8 ppl 2 get  it wins 1000 tokens.

Good luck


















New Series: Mystery Athlete!

Hey guys!!! It’s been a while since I introduced a new contest to you guys, it’s always been the same, like Mixed Athlete and Turf Challenge. But this awesome blog staff has been able to cover that up and help you focus on their great ideas. Anyway, you’ve seen this contest before, Mystery athlete. If you haven’t, here’s the rules. First, I give you the full picture of two athletes here on Action Allstars, and you have to guess who that athlete is. First person to get both right gets 600 tokens. First person to not get both but get one gets 200 tokens. Sound easy enough? Ok, here we go.

Can you guess these athletes?

Celtics? Really?

Yankees, now thats a quality team.

Who are these athletes? First to get both wins 600 tokens. First person not to get both but get one gets 200 tokens. Good luck athletes, and have a happy new year.

~Keep it cool~

Turf Challenge!

Yeah, Im gonna start it up here. And Yep, thats who’s above. Coolguy174jr. I, once again, got suspended for no reason. Well anyways onto our first contestant.


Here’s his turf

Thats a nice turf! Now onto our next contestant.


Here’s her turf

Fantastic! Now they were both great, but who’s was better?

Ok, good luck to those 2 athletes, winner gets 400 tokens. Plus, Islanders won! Did I tell you I went to the game! Well, anyway, see ya athletes!

~Keep it cool~

Mixed Athlete..Ref Style..Winners….

Hey Athlete’s Shaqoneal14 here! With a little something I like to call……..


But before I do that I’d like to congradulate My Winners!!!

In First Place I’d Like To Announce………Dttat2458!!!!!!!Woot Woot!!

                                                                                                        “Great Job Dttat2458!!!!U just got 1000 tokens and 5 T.V”s

And here are my others winners…..IN SECOND PLACE ISSS…..DRUM ROLL………TA-TA-TA-TA-TA…..


Nick317..Nick just won 800 tokens and 4 T.V’s…

Great Job Guys!!!

And we didnt have any third place because Dttat2458 and Nick317 were the only ones that got the answer..Which was….

Refs: RefPhoenixx/RefComet

Athletes: Tarheel3672/Somebody

I know lots of people said RefBlitz..But its alright..                                                                                                                                                       But I am gonna let everybody else go home with 600 Tokens and 3 T.V’s because you guys got…

Tarheel3672/Somebody…OK WELL LETS GET TO THE NEXT….



OK..First one to get both Refs And Athletes will get 1000 Tokens and 5 T.V’s..If you only get one..800 Tokens and 4 T.V’s…

Until next time…



Song of the week!

hey na na here with the song of the week. P.s. look at lil wayne shoes!

Caption That!

Hey athlete’s Shaqoneal14 here with a New “Caption That”

This is the pic…

 Man! Poor Ref!!

The First Three that make the funniest comment…Will get 5 T.V’s and 1000 Tokens



Little contest ABC athletes!

hello guys i was looking at some stuff and i thought of this awesome contest its like this u have too think of some action allstars people you know on there and put them in order see how far you can go for example heres mines

A: Abbster

B: Bre bre

C: Coolguy174

now i did that one for u i still want u too go in order u see it will be easy the person that goes the farthest gets tokens the 2nd and 3rd person gets tokens too hope u like the challenge i made it up my self ok bye!!!!!!! and good luck commet below your abc athlete