AAFL Sports

Hey Athletes,

Suns Here this is this weeks season openers schedule enjoy!

Sunday Games

Broncos @ Cardinals

This game will be held at The University of Phoenix Stadium (SunsFan3′s Turf)

@ 6:00 EST Sports Fans Only Server might go to Court Server depending on lag.

Steelers @ Saints

This game will be held at The Super Dome (Coolguy174′s Turf)

@ 7:00 EST Sports Fans Only Server might switch to Court Server depending lag.

The Patriots and The Unknown Team Have a BYE Week!

Here are the current rosters as of January 28, 2011 okay here they are

Cardinals: SunsFan3, Dalton0521, Eisner24, Jok34, Smooveguy6, RYGUY832

Broncos: TBB,DXBeast22,Omgiamcool,Brett297

Saints: Coolguy174, Yourboy911, Needs more players comment if you want to join his team

Steelers: ShaqOneal14, Needs more players comment if you want to join his team

Patriots: Chaddydog17, Needs more players comment if you want to join this team

Unknown Team: This will be…

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Gambling on AAS Round 3 Results/4



Wow, it was a close game, too. Nets beat Cavs 99-96, so the next two people versing are:


Your matchup is Chicago Bulls vs New York Knicks!

Who Will Win? Who Will Not?


Hey athlete’s!Shaqoneal14 here with a score!!

My final score on the Giants on QBC(QuarterBack Challenge)

Here it is:

Click on it to make it bigger…


The Giants are gonna win with me(and Eli Manning)lol.

But yea..

There is also openings for my AAFL team..Pittsburgh Steelers







Ok thats it and stay tuned for my new contest:”Guess That Ref”



A CrAzY FAN of the week!!!

Hello everyone, my name is TBB and sorry i haven’t been posting i was very busy during the weeks but now i am back. Alright FIRST thing is the puzzle was, Jalen The King Sucks!!! IDK the winners so sorry, Anyways it’s time for CrAzY FAN of the week! This week it goes to. . . .  Someone. . . . RIGHT AFTER THESE MESSAGES!

Welcome back folks here it is the cRaZy FAN of the week!  THTS RIGHT the LSU Tiger! I think tht this outfit is a 97/100 Nice Job tiger man! [all rights go to jokestation.org] Next Week will be our NEXT crazy fan! Also congrats to Clayton1 for getting his account back from mrcricket [I was the one who found out tht it was mrcricket js] Alright so if you think you find a crazy fan on the inter net comment below the link and i might select yours! SEE YA!  Also thanks to Shaq for making another AWESOME siginture, Also shaq i already gave you the tokens. Chow!

Make a new post or you’re gone Shaq

Shaq, u asked to be on my blog, so I let you. So it is your responsibility to post, but you haven’t posted since 1/9/12 which is 18 days ago. If you don’t post in the next 3 days, I will have to take you off my blog. I’m sorry, but it has to be done, and if I’m gonna have an extra blogger he’s gonna have to post. And you haven’t been doing that. So remember, if there’s no post before 1/30/12, you’re off my blog. I’m sorry shaq, but it has to be done. I really hope you post so you can stay. (If you need an idea, you take over “Where is that?”) Please, post. If u dont, it has to be done. Bye Athletes…

New AAFL Team….Pittsburgh Steelers…

Hey athlete’s! Shaqoneal14 here!.You might notice that this isnt my normal picture but I wanted to be on my old account:Madden20

But I got more important news..I made a AAFL Team and its called..Pittsburgh Steelers……..

I you want to join ask me…NOTE-Please join my Aafl team..Pittsburgh Steelers….

So plz join..

And another peace of info..Clayton1 got his account back!!!!Woot Woot!!!

The person that hacked him was: MrCricket..(dont talk to him)

And something else..I played QuarterBack Challenge and look at my score:

If you want to make it bigger click on it….



I dont know how that is possible but I think ima win 1st place on February8, 2012…JK

But yup….



NFL..Super Bowl XLVI

Hey athlete’s! Shaqoneal14 here with a question.

“Who do you think is gonna win the Super Bowl XLVI?”, “Are you ready for the Super Bowl XLVI”?

If you play in the Allstar Bowl for the Giants and get all the badges, you will get the clothes I have up there..(note:Not the shoes..)

And if you get all the badges for Patriots you get this gear:..Nice right!!??

And if you have’nt been to the Allstar Bowl this is what it looks like:

Well there is the News and dont forget to watch the Super Bowl(XLVI) on:

February 5, 2012…

Well there you go….


And if you have’nt found Sams Secret Item then: