A CrAzY FAN of the week!!!

Hello everyone, my name is TBB and sorry i haven’t been posting i was very busy during the weeks but now i am back. Alright FIRST thing is the puzzle was, Jalen The King Sucks!!! IDK the winners so sorry, Anyways it’s time for CrAzY FAN of the week! This week it goes to. . . .  Someone. . . . RIGHT AFTER THESE MESSAGES!

Welcome back folks here it is the cRaZy FAN of the week!  THTS RIGHT the LSU Tiger! I think tht this outfit is a 97/100 Nice Job tiger man! [all rights go to jokestation.org] Next Week will be our NEXT crazy fan! Also congrats to Clayton1 for getting his account back from mrcricket [I was the one who found out tht it was mrcricket js] Alright so if you think you find a crazy fan on the inter net comment below the link and i might select yours! SEE YA!  Also thanks to Shaq for making another AWESOME siginture, Also shaq i already gave you the tokens. Chow!


2 Responses

  1. DUDE how can u even like the broncos after the got there A*&^ KICKED BIG TIME BY MY CUZ TEAM NEW ENGLAND

  2. Allo I Should Be Up There Make Something Exiting This Time!

    Alla Alla Alla,


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