Hey Guyss!!!!!!!!!

Hey Guys! Reporter Abby here! hehe

so  i am going to try to make a Poll…………………………………………………..

Ok guys Vote now!!

Pc out guyss! 😛

Thanks again Shaq for this awesome sig!!


Allstar game: 2012, 2013

Hey athlete’s SHAQONEAL14 here!

Lets talk about the Allstar Game!!!!!!

Well this year West took on East and once again, they won!!!!!!


East just needed a three pointer!!!!!!!!BTW, I went for EAST!!!!!!!!

Kevin Durant was the MVP…..




You gonna watch the 2013 Allstar Game???

Well you better!!

It’s gonna take place in Houston, TX!!!

Idk if I am gonna go to Houston or just watch it here on my couch!!!

But I know that I am gonna watch it because:

For all you EAST Fans(like me), EAST IS GONNA TAKE THE GAME NEXT YEAR!!!!!

So well that’s it for now, but keep on the look out on my blog for more news about the 2013 Allstar Game!


P.s. Coolguy174, your HEADER IS READY…..



Sig and Pic!!

Abby sig and pic are ready!!!!!



Hey Guyss! I am so excited!!

Hey Guys! Allstar Game is ON!

I love Lebron James And Lin! Lol Heres  Pics

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heart Them!!


 Cya Athletes!!


OMG Thank You Shaq so much!

Hey Guys! its me Abbster2! THANK YOU SO MUCH SHAQ! Its awesome to be on this BLOG! THANK YOU!

Your a Great friend! Lolz! :mrgreen:! Lolz!  And p.s. where do i pick up the sig and Pic? and thanks SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!

And btw i cant pay tokens cause idk how but if you teach Me i Absolutly Will! Thanks Again! YOu Rock Shaq!!

Abbster2 😛


Yup!Thats me! I drew that! JK! Anyway….

Hey athlete’s SHAQONEAL14 here with important news!

Umm..Well you AACBLsports…

Yea its the time to get your rosters in because the season will start soon!

Around..lets say!……March 15, 2012

Yup! So get those rosters in!

So keep checking that blog!



I drew my sig too! JK!


Hey! Shaqoneal14 here with something very important!


Action Allstars College Basketball League???


Cuz I made a blog for that League..

Link: http://aacblsports.wordpress.com

Yup!! Well just letting you guys know about it!!!!