Caption That, Mystery Athete, and Mixed Athete! TRIPLE IN ONE!

Hey Athletes!

Abbster2 here.

Rocking the Shades Right! LoL! Here is a Caption that, Aka Make me ROFL or LOL.

Here is the Mystery Athlete…………..

This Guy just Quit AAS, ūüė¶ and he was a great buddy.

Here is a Mixed Athlete! YUP! A TRIPLE IN ONE! Exciting right!


Kk Well Pc guys! You got to get them all right! ūüėõ

Ima Awesome Bunny! Lol!




ABL Draft Results

Hello all ABL athletes! As you may know, the ABL Draft has been completed, and the results have been shown to the public. If you haven’t seen them on then I will show you them right now.


Captain: omgiamcool

Drafted: Eisner24 (1st round) Coolguy174 (2nd round)


Captain: Dalton0521

Drafted: Jok34 (1st round) Ben427 (2nd round) *later traded to Rockets forSmooveguy6 in a second round trade*


Captain: Nationalswagz

Drafted: Sunsfan3 (1st round) Ryguy832 (2nd round)


Captain: TBB

Drafted: Didn’t attend draft, Received Brett297


Captain: derickrose120

Drafted: Kool98, traded Smooveguy6 to Milwaukee for 2013 draft pick and Ben427 Signed Kyle18 after draft


Captain: Dillion949

Drafted: wasn’t at the draft. Needs players

This information comes straight through the Official ABL Blog. That’s all for now athletes, have a very good night, and hope to see you on the ABL courts.

Hello Shaq! Can i have a header?!

Hey shaq, i am going to order a header for my blog.

Here is the order I want it in, PLEASE.

First, these are the People in my blog. Abby, Shaq, Nick, Na Na, dttat, Titan


Nick          Na Na          Abby          Shaq          Titan          Dttat

Thanks so much! Ok please post it on my blog and I will send you the tokens. I want color please and across it i want


And there name labeled like yours. Thanks Shaq! And P.S. will i be in your header? Lol thanks Just wondering! Thanks Shaq so much!

Abbster2 ūüėõ

Video Game Battle Bracket WINNER plus Jersey Battle

Hey guys, gals, and whatever Lady Gaga is! It is today, I announce the Video Game Battle Bracket WINNER, plus new contest made by TheBenjiBang. As you notice, RoAA is doing this now also, which made me want to do it also. First, lets recognize the maker of this contest, TheBenjiBang.

Ok, before I start Jersey Battle, lets get to the winner of Video Game Battle Bracket! Our winner was… Nba2k12 winning with a whopping score of 24-9! Our winner of Video Game Battle Bracket: Season 1 was Nba2k12, congrats to that game. Now, lets get to our jerseys!

First up is, a purple Suns Steve Nash jersey. 

Second, is a LeBron James blue Cavs jersey. 

Both are awesome jerseys, but which one is better?

Well, that’s all for now athletes, have a good night!

P.s, this blog can also be viewed on my blog Enjoy!

Guess That Athlete!

Hiya Guys! Abby here

Here with Guess that Famous Athlete!!!!



This GUY is on the Bulls and thats all I am saying. Oh yea and he is good.(My opinion)

Ok Guys! Start Guessing now!

Also check out my blog

and if you want a sig

Thanks Guys! I Always love posting on this blog! ūüėõ

Pc out

I’m Back!..and New Blog Series: Website Wars!

Hey athlete’s!

Shaqoneal14 here with AWESOME NEWS!

Well since I have’nt been posting in like a long…….long…long……Time…

But i’ll be posting more again on this blog and Coolguy’s…

Well their is a new blog series…It’s called “Website Wars”


  1. I give you two websites and a poll…
  2. You have 1 week to vote!
  3. I give you the results…

Simple enough???

Lets play! 



Well you have 1 WEEK TO VOTE!


P.s. Ima get the bracket ready by May 1st, 2012









ImageOK Guys, Abbster2 here! Ok so i made a new BLOG! It is called,


Ok if you want to join, here are the RULES!!!!

1. You have to know how to blog

2. NO CURSING or else you will get kicked off

3. I want good bloggers, not people who just do one short word or something

4. You  have to know how to post pics, and polls, etc.

NOTE: if you don’t get picked, it just means that theres no room and you signed up too late!!!!


Ok Guys! Visit and theres a post about signing up.


If you want to join comment below on my blog under the Subjust that says ‚ÄúHello World‚ÄĚ

Ok Guyss! I hope you enjoy!! :)