I’m Back!..and New Blog Series: Website Wars!

Hey athlete’s!

Shaqoneal14 here with AWESOME NEWS!

Well since I have’nt been posting in like a long…….long…long……Time…

But i’ll be posting more again on this blog and Coolguy’s…

Well their is a new blog series…It’s called “Website Wars”


  1. I give you two websites and a poll…
  2. You have 1 week to vote!
  3. I give you the results…

Simple enough???

Lets play!





Well you have 1 WEEK TO VOTE!


P.s. Ima get the bracket ready by May 1st, 2012









13 Responses

  1. whoo carez!

  2. Haha shaqneal chill

  3. A lot of people like Action Allstars but they also like Meez. People r starting to play meez more now.

  4. I hate meez…

  5. meez is dah boringiest game in dah world ps can i join shaq ur blog i need a good blog to join

  6. u keep tbb and he only post twice!?

  7. Dear Shaq,

    I am willing to make a deal with you. On abby’s blog the mystery athletes were really hard. WELL you said you really wanted the bunny suit. Here is the deal. I tell you how to get the bunny suit you add me to your blog? Whadda ya say my mate. If not OK.

  8. ok shaq I left her a turf message
    Can you add me now?

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