Video Game Battle Bracket WINNER plus Jersey Battle

Hey guys, gals, and whatever Lady Gaga is! It is today, I announce the Video Game Battle Bracket WINNER, plus new contest made by TheBenjiBang. As you notice, RoAA is doing this now also, which made me want to do it also. First, lets recognize the maker of this contest, TheBenjiBang.

Ok, before I start Jersey Battle, lets get to the winner of Video Game Battle Bracket! Our winner was… Nba2k12 winning with a whopping score of 24-9! Our winner of Video Game Battle Bracket: Season 1 was Nba2k12, congrats to that game. Now, lets get to our jerseys!

First up is, a purple Suns Steve Nash jersey. 

Second, is a LeBron James blue Cavs jersey. 

Both are awesome jerseys, but which one is better?

Well, that’s all for now athletes, have a good night!

P.s, this blog can also be viewed on my blog Enjoy!


One Response

  1. Not a cavs fan but their jersey is better.

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