ABL Draft Results

Hello all ABL athletes! As you may know, the ABL Draft has been completed, and the results have been shown to the public. If you haven’t seen them on http://ablnewscorner.wordpress.com/ then I will show you them right now.


Captain: omgiamcool

Drafted: Eisner24 (1st round) Coolguy174 (2nd round)


Captain: Dalton0521

Drafted: Jok34 (1st round) Ben427 (2nd round) *later traded to Rockets forSmooveguy6 in a second round trade*


Captain: Nationalswagz

Drafted: Sunsfan3 (1st round) Ryguy832 (2nd round)


Captain: TBB

Drafted: Didn’t attend draft, Received Brett297


Captain: derickrose120

Drafted: Kool98, traded Smooveguy6 to Milwaukee for 2013 draft pick and Ben427 Signed Kyle18 after draft


Captain: Dillion949

Drafted: wasn’t at the draft. Needs players

This information comes straight through the Official ABL Blog. That’s all for now athletes, have a very good night, and hope to see you on the ABL courts.


Video Game Battle Bracket WINNER plus Jersey Battle

Hey guys, gals, and whatever Lady Gaga is! It is today, I announce the Video Game Battle Bracket WINNER, plus new contest made by TheBenjiBang. As you notice, RoAA is doing this now also, which made me want to do it also. First, lets recognize the maker of this contest, TheBenjiBang.

Ok, before I start Jersey Battle, lets get to the winner of Video Game Battle Bracket! Our winner was… Nba2k12 winning with a whopping score of 24-9! Our winner of Video Game Battle Bracket: Season 1 was Nba2k12, congrats to that game. Now, lets get to our jerseys!

First up is, a purple Suns Steve Nash jersey. 

Second, is a LeBron James blue Cavs jersey. 

Both are awesome jerseys, but which one is better?

Well, that’s all for now athletes, have a good night!

P.s, this blog can also be viewed on my blog http://coolguy174.wordpress.com/ Enjoy!

Make a new post or you’re gone Shaq

Shaq, u asked to be on my blog, so I let you. So it is your responsibility to post, but you haven’t posted since 1/9/12 which is 18 days ago. If you don’t post in the next 3 days, I will have to take you off my blog. I’m sorry, but it has to be done, and if I’m gonna have an extra blogger he’s gonna have to post. And you haven’t been doing that. So remember, if there’s no post before 1/30/12, you’re off my blog. I’m sorry shaq, but it has to be done. I really hope you post so you can stay. (If you need an idea, you take over “Where is that?”) Please, post. If u dont, it has to be done. Bye Athletes…

A reminder to Shaq

Just a little reminder to you shaq, you still owe me those tokens from Gambling on AAS. Oh and you can take over “Where is that” on my blog.

New Series: You Pick Em!

Hey athletes! I will finally after a long time be giving you a new contest. But not any old contest you’re used to, this is an original coolguy174 contest, so I cant wait to share it. Here is the rules.

  1. I give you a few games from a sport such as NBA, or NFL. MLB will start up when MLB comes back. 
  2. You comment saying which team of those 2 will win the game.
  3. If you got one right, then you will get 200 tokens. If you got 2 of them right you get 400 tokens. And it goes on from that.
  4. The deadline will be an hour before the game starts, so get your picks in quick.
That’s about all the rules. So here will be our first few games.
NFL: Saturday, 1/14 8:00pm eastern: New England Patriots vs Denver Broncos. Saturday, 1/14 4:30pm eastern: New Orleans Saints vs San Francisco 49ers
NBA: Saturday, 1/14 10:30pm eastern: Los Angeles Lakers vs Los Angeles Clippers. Saturday, 1/14  8:00pm eastern: New York Knicks vs Oklahoma City Thunder
Ok athletes, that’s it for the first round of “You Pick Em!” I hope you like it. Well, see ya athletes, and have a fantastic Monday!
~Keep it cool~

New Series: Mystery Athlete!

Hey guys!!! It’s been a while since I introduced a new contest to you guys, it’s always been the same, like Mixed Athlete and Turf Challenge. But this awesome blog staff has been able to cover that up and help you focus on their great ideas. Anyway, you’ve seen this contest before, Mystery athlete. If you haven’t, here’s the rules. First, I give you the full picture of two athletes here on Action Allstars, and you have to guess who that athlete is. First person to get both right gets 600 tokens. First person to not get both but get one gets 200 tokens. Sound easy enough? Ok, here we go.

Can you guess these athletes?

Celtics? Really?

Yankees, now thats a quality team.

Who are these athletes? First to get both wins 600 tokens. First person not to get both but get one gets 200 tokens. Good luck athletes, and have a happy new year.

~Keep it cool~

Turf Challenge!

Yeah, Im gonna start it up here. And Yep, thats who’s above. Coolguy174jr. I, once again, got suspended for no reason. Well anyways onto our first contestant.


Here’s his turf

Thats a nice turf! Now onto our next contestant.


Here’s her turf

Fantastic! Now they were both great, but who’s was better?

Ok, good luck to those 2 athletes, winner gets 400 tokens. Plus, Islanders won! Did I tell you I went to the game! Well, anyway, see ya athletes!

~Keep it cool~