My New Virtual World

ImageHello, athlete’s! I just made a new world!

Its called:

Im still working on it but its going great! I need about 3 mods on here! Comment if you want to be a mod, but you have to have an account on my world!

Im one, but I still need to work on the world! Ill keep you updated on it! But until next time,

Stay cool



Last Post (Hopefully Not)

Whats up my haterz! Lol! Anyway I think this will be my last post on here Id ont know yet. Anyway! I have a new blog! Its pretty cool and better! Here is the link:

Anyway! Please check it I will have the same contests that we had for AAS! I think that is it! Thanks for checking this blog and check my new blog!




I give it back…

Hey athlete’s Shaqoneal14 here!..I’ve noticed that there is a way to give tokens and I will explain that later on this post. But for now I wanted to let you know that because of the way to give tokens, I will give selling SIGNATURES AND HEADERS BACK!..Now I will explain how to pay for them…You know that they took away the new athlete tab away, right!..So Arshak13 gave us the link to that even though they took it away!…Here is the link:

There is the link to give tokens!..There are 3 easy steps…

  1. Make your athlete
  2. In the PROMO CODE box type in: SHAQONEAL14
  3. Then fill out the form and you got the player and the tokens will be sent to me..

But, due to give headers and signatures back, I am taking away:

  • Turf Time
  • Badge Beasts
  • Clothes Case
  • Party Palooza

So yea and the good thing is that you can be lazy and play AAS or make posts while I MAKE YOUR SIGNATURES!..Well that is about it so lates!…

P.S.i will put the orders and the prices up again!…And on holidays, the HEADERS AND SIGS will be cheaper!..

Well that its!..



Pick it up!

Hey Athlete’s, Shaqoneal14 here and I just wanna let you guys know that if you have a HEADER or SIGNATURE that you ordered and havent picked up then I suggest that you do that because I WILL DELETE the pick-up pages.….

I will give you time to pick your orders up but the Deadline is:

June 1st, 2012

Please pick up your orders…

Also I will be making new pages…Here I will list them…

  • Turf Time….This page will list 3 of the best turfs that are in Action Allstars..(will have to comment your turf and I will list)
  • Clothes Case….This page will list 3 some of the coolest people wearing the coolest clothes..(will have to comment also)
  • Party Palooza….This page will list 3 of the collest partys on Action Allstars..(will have to comment to schedule party)
  • Badge Beasts….This page will list 3 of the people that have ALOT of badges..(will have to comment to let me know)

These are pages that I will be held on the title page..Oh and by the way..I will upgrade them each week..

I will explain more on the pages when I make them….

Thats it for now!…


Im Back!!

Hey Athlete’s Shaqoneal14 here just wanting to say that I am not quiting Action Allstars anymore im back for the rest of my life!!!





Hi athlete’s, SHAQONEAL14 here… 😦

And I hate to say it but..I am QUITING.

But before I go I have to list some awesome people that have been nice and good to me:





Well I have to admit even though we have had fights…Dalton0521













And last but NOT least, yitzrocks

Ok, well even though I am quiting Action Allstars I certainly won’t quit bloggin or makin sigs!…

So thats something good..!!

I will visit Weekly.

Hours: 4:00 to 5:00

7:00 to 8:00

I might NOT be on sometimes but I will visit at least Three Times a Week!

Well bye guys and NO ONE CAN HAVE SHAQONEAL14!…



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Sig is ready!

Hey Athlete’s!…..SHAQONEAL14 HERE!

Just wanna notify Coolguy174, Your sig is ready!…

And because I took too long, I apoligize…

Thats it!….And just to say that: I will NOT be making headers anymore due to trouble on my computer.

So just SIGS…