I give it back…

Hey athlete’s Shaqoneal14 here!..I’ve noticed that there is a way to give tokens and I will explain that later on this post. But for now I wanted to let you know that because of the way to give tokens, I will give selling SIGNATURES AND HEADERS BACK!..Now I will explain how to pay for them…You know that they took away the new athlete tab away, right!..So Arshak13 gave us the link to that even though they took it away!…Here is the link:


There is the link to give tokens!..There are 3 easy steps…

  1. Make your athlete
  2. In the PROMO CODE box type in: SHAQONEAL14
  3. Then fill out the form and you got the player and the tokens will be sent to me..

But, due to give headers and signatures back, I am taking away:

  • Turf Time
  • Badge Beasts
  • Clothes Case
  • Party Palooza

So yea and the good thing is that you can be lazy and play AAS or make posts while I MAKE YOUR SIGNATURES!..Well that is about it so lates!…

P.S.i will put the orders and the prices up again!…And on holidays, the HEADERS AND SIGS will be cheaper!..

Well that its!..




Merry Christmas with Color Bounce!

Nickelodeon12 here, I know I said there was going to be no new post today, but I got bored. So basically the whole idea of Color Bounce is to quit out and get a prize. I did this on AllStarNick99 because I already did it today on Nickelodeon12.

There’s a lot of good presents for Non-MVPs, an ugly sweater, a tree, a couple Santa suits, a reindeer and a Santa and an elf hat. But let’s not JUST focus on the presents, what about the game? Well, let’s check it out. It’s weird, you have to play as Kwally and stop basketballs from hitting the ground or the trees will lose its color or something like that.

Cya Later Athletes!


New on Action Allstars!!!And game Cheats!!!!!

Hey Athlete’s Shaqoneal14 here!

And with pics of the new Action Allstars!!!!!!

Here are the pics:

Action Allstars covered in snow…..

And the cheats for the new mascot!!!!

If you haven’t seen him here he is…..He is the MAVERICKS MASCOT!!!!!!!!!!!

His Name is Champ……

Here are the cheats:

Who did the mavs beat in NBA Finals in 2011???

The HEAT!!!!

Well that is it for this post for cheats keep watching this blog and have fun….