Athlete Versus…Winners.

Hey athlete’s Shaqoneal14 here with a new……ATHLETE VERSUS…..

But before I do I have to say “Congrats” to these athletes:

ChefBahamas Beating SunsFan3 by 9 votes..”Congrats” Chef


Naomi12909 Beating Basketb22 by also 9 votes..”Congrats”..

These awesome athlete’s just won 400 fabulous tokens…..Another “Congrats”

So here are the next ones:

Coolguy174 VS Nickelodeon12

Coolguy174 VS Nickelodeon12

And the girls: THE TRIVIA QUEENS…

SosynoiD VS Dionysos

There you go and remember:

If you want to be in my “Athlete Versus” Comment below..


 P.S Smoothie/Clayton1 I hope you’re OK with this..If you are not let me know right away…BTW I mean the signature…lol.