Hacker Alert!!!!!Wanted!!!!!!!

Hey athlete’s Shaqoneal14 here with a HACKER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I was in Trivia when this guy named Cody89009 started asking me if I wanted to be a Ref and I said “NO!”

So he kept asking everybody so Coolguy174 and me(Shaqoneal14) told people to tell him “NO!”

So he still didn’t listen and kept asking people so it was alot of work so me(Shaqoneal14) and Coolguy174 were planning to tell “Customer Service”

And we did… But Cody89009 said “I dont care!”

So here he is:He is also this guy..

So here he is at Trivia.

Yup that one thats circled is him except he is on his other account”Gorden23″

Well now what me and Coolguy174 are asking for is that to report him to the Customer Service.

Well thats it ok well laterz..