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check out my new blog peeps!


Patriots Bring out the Win

Hello athletes its me coolgirl1235 here and i want too say that there has  been a long time since i post but i decided its worth too post i am not a patriots fan but we had a last minute patriots live chat on my blog…i hosted it was pretty fun!!!! the athletes that attended listed below




we had lots of fun and u can be at the next event if you would like but patriots won by 3 and take home the win patriots vs the ravens now it was a great match up and it was reall fun!!!!!!! so i wantt too say that and yah peace you want a sig like this>??? heres some exampleswell dont just sit there do u???? well then i am the right person for u all of the sigs only cost 200 tokens well alls you got too do is click this link and then alls you have too do is comment what you want and go too the pick up page just advertising!!!!!! bye athletes

Gambling on AAS Round 2

Hey athletes! Nickelodeon12 here, remember if you still want to enter gambling go to This weeks matchup is nick317/phillies101 and coolgirl1235. They told me they wanted to do it on chat. You have until Thursday, 1/19 to make your picks. Here’s the matchup.


Both of you MUST fill out a form like this:


Tokens I’m Betting:


Good luck and cya later!

Chat Room

hello athletes its coolgirl1235 and if u want too go in this chat room feel free too you learn alot its a cool chat room so go  and check it out peace!

Guess Whos Back……Back Again……COOL GIRLS BACK!

Hello athletes its coolgirl1235! and well shaq added me back too his blog and i added him too aas rating news never heard of that website? heres the link! soo go there and doo that! its a real cool website anyways soo yah and i want too say me and shaq made up and yah and i want too say that i am going too be bringing contest and all of that good stuff and it will be cool soo yah! and were done with the header backround and stuff u can get shaqs or mines idc but yah soo thats all i have too say and i will post alot more then i did soo yah and well bye peeps!

It’s OVER!!!!!

Hey athlete’s Shaqoneal14 here and just letting you guys know that the fight between me and Coolgirl1235 issss…….


On Action Allstars we said Sorry to each so its done soo dont and I mean dont bring it up again….

And I have to admit that it probably was me that started it but its over…..

And Coolgirl1235 you are…BACK ON THE BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOOT WOOT….I will invite you again to be on the blog…..Just put your email again please cuz I forgot it(lol)


Plz and thank you

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Heyy peeps its coolgirl1235 anyways as u might know i have started my own buissness in signatures and headers and i noticed that i have too ask nick so thats what i am going too do also i have a couple of questions jr if you asked for a header from shak and from me that look exactly the like thats confusing bu yah i also was thinking i am not sure yet but i was thinking of asking shaq if i can be in his buisness the heres some of my creations i made into a slide show