Make a new post or you’re gone Shaq

Shaq, u asked to be on my blog, so I let you. So it is your responsibility to post, but you haven’t posted since 1/9/12 which is 18 days ago. If you don’t post in the next 3 days, I will have to take you off my blog. I’m sorry, but it has to be done, and if I’m gonna have an extra blogger he’s gonna have to post. And you haven’t been doing that. So remember, if there’s no post before 1/30/12, you’re off my blog. I’m sorry shaq, but it has to be done. I really hope you post so you can stay. (If you need an idea, you take over “Where is that?”) Please, post. If u dont, it has to be done. Bye Athletes…


A reminder to Shaq

Just a little reminder to you shaq, you still owe me those tokens from Gambling on AAS. Oh and you can take over “Where is that” on my blog.

It’s me…

Hey athletes….Many of you may be thinking, I wonder what coolguy174 looks like in real life. Well, you get that answer! If u never wondered that….well, eh, I’m showing you anyway. Ok it’s me with a beast snapback.

Ok, thats it for now. That’s me, don’t I look fabulous? Actually, don’t answer that…That’s my school shirt I got on right there…Well, see ya!

~Keep it cool~

Guess whos here!

Yep thats whos here! Its coolguy174! I am a new blogger on shaq’s blog, it’ll be a lot of fun! I’ll bring new games, contests, and some updates about actionallstars! So get ready! Cuz this blog is gonna get all Cooled up! But remember, I’m also posting on my own blog, so check that out also! Ok athletes, see you next time! It already feels like home here!

~Keep it cool~

Athlete Versus…Winners.

Hey athlete’s Shaqoneal14 here with a new……ATHLETE VERSUS…..

But before I do I have to say “Congrats” to these athletes:

ChefBahamas Beating SunsFan3 by 9 votes..”Congrats” Chef


Naomi12909 Beating Basketb22 by also 9 votes..”Congrats”..

These awesome athlete’s just won 400 fabulous tokens…..Another “Congrats”

So here are the next ones:

Coolguy174 VS Nickelodeon12

Coolguy174 VS Nickelodeon12

And the girls: THE TRIVIA QUEENS…

SosynoiD VS Dionysos

There you go and remember:

If you want to be in my “Athlete Versus” Comment below..


 P.S Smoothie/Clayton1 I hope you’re OK with this..If you are not let me know right away…BTW I mean the signature…lol.


Mixed Athlete…..Ref Style..!!

Hey athlete’s Shaqoneal14 here! But with another…………..

But before I do I want to say “Congrats” to Coolguy174 For getting the last ones…WHICH WERE…..

GIRLS: Shakeitup1300/Coolgirl1235

BOYS: Bobcats342/Coolguy174

Sooooo…….For his good thinking mind…He gets 4 T.V’s and 800 Tokens….

“Congrats Bud”

Now for the next one:

But its not gonna be an athlete from Action Allstars…..ITS SOME REFS…..


 There it is…..

First one to guess it gets 2 T.V’s And 400 Tokens

Until next time…