Will be ready in….

Shaqoneal14 here with information….

The headers and sigs you guys ordered will come in on the dates:

Coolguy174 header: Ready!

Nickelodeon12 sig: 3/3 to 3/5

There you guys go!

Let me know if I forgot your order OR Just make an order for the AWESOME HEADERS AND SIGS FROM:Shaqoneal14


Allstar game: 2012, 2013

Hey athlete’s SHAQONEAL14 here!

Lets talk about the Allstar Game!!!!!!

Well this year West took on East and once again, they won!!!!!!


East just needed a three pointer!!!!!!!!BTW, I went for EAST!!!!!!!!

Kevin Durant was the MVP…..




You gonna watch the 2013 Allstar Game???

Well you better!!

It’s gonna take place in Houston, TX!!!

Idk if I am gonna go to Houston or just watch it here on my couch!!!

But I know that I am gonna watch it because:

For all you EAST Fans(like me), EAST IS GONNA TAKE THE GAME NEXT YEAR!!!!!

So well that’s it for now, but keep on the look out on my blog for more news about the 2013 Allstar Game!


P.s. Coolguy174, your HEADER IS READY…..



Header Ready!

Just wanna say that Coolgirl1235…Your header for your blog is ready!!!

This link: https://shaqoneal14allstars.wordpress.com/header-pick-up/

There you go!!!