New AAFL Team….Pittsburgh Steelers…

Hey athlete’s! Shaqoneal14 here!.You might notice that this isnt my normal picture but I wanted to be on my old account:Madden20

But I got more important news..I made a AAFL Team and its called..Pittsburgh Steelers……..

I you want to join ask me…NOTE-Please join my Aafl team..Pittsburgh Steelers….

So plz join..

And another peace of info..Clayton1 got his account back!!!!Woot Woot!!!

The person that hacked him was: MrCricket..(dont talk to him)

And something else..I played QuarterBack Challenge and look at my score:

If you want to make it bigger click on it….



I dont know how that is possible but I think ima win 1st place on February8, 2012…JK

But yup….




NFL..Super Bowl XLVI

Hey athlete’s! Shaqoneal14 here with a question.

“Who do you think is gonna win the Super Bowl XLVI?”, “Are you ready for the Super Bowl XLVI”?

If you play in the Allstar Bowl for the Giants and get all the badges, you will get the clothes I have up there..(note:Not the shoes..)

And if you get all the badges for Patriots you get this gear:..Nice right!!??

And if you have’nt been to the Allstar Bowl this is what it looks like:

Well there is the News and dont forget to watch the Super Bowl(XLVI) on:

February 5, 2012…

Well there you go….


And if you have’nt found Sams Secret Item then:

NY Jets VS NY Giants..Steelers VS Rams..

Hey Athlete’s Shaqoneal14 here! With Cool news!

First off..Why this?


1.They have the same stadium


3.I am not against it its just that its “Wierd”

And this…

(My favorite team in NFL)  VS

1.Steelers are really good this season

2.I was watching Sportscenter and Rams have a BAD I MEAN “BAD” RECORD..



Thats BAD!

Well thats it..Dont forget to watch those games tonight..Espicially NY GIANTS VS NY JETS..

To see who loses in New York..And also Steelers VS Rams..To see if  Rams Dont got nothin…



3 things you never thought you’d hear over the NFL season


Hey athletes, we have witnessed three things we didn’t think we’d hear this NFL season. The first two just happened, and the third has been happening. Number one: The Packers lose a game, and to the Chiefs!  The Green Bay Packers perfect season ended before, when the Chiefs surprised them. A new interim coach, Romeo Crennel, and new QB, Kyle Orton,the Chiefs. Aaron Rodgers went only 17 for 35 and only threw for 235 yards. Orton went 23 for 31 and threw for 299 yards. The Chiefs surprisingly win, 19-14. Number two: The Colts WIN a game. Yeah, it’s finally happened. After starting 0-13, the Colts finally pulled out a win. This loss really hurt the Titans quest for playoffs, Matt Hasselbeck threw 2 interceptions, and Chris Johnson ran for only 55 yards. Dan Orlovsky, the Colts QB, threw one touchdown. The Colts won that game, 27-13. And Number three: Tim Tebow is on a run! As you can see I’m a Tebow fan with my Tebow jersey on. Since Tim Tebow started for the Broncos the Broncos are 7-1, and in 6 of those games, Tebow has led the Broncos from losing in the second half, to end up winning the game. Today I’ll root for Tebow, because he’s playing Tom Brady and the Patriots. That will be a great game! Well athletes, that is 3 things you didn’t think you’d hear over the course of the NFL season. But you heard it here! Now tell your friends! Lol, later athletes, see you again soon!

~Keep it cool~