Gambling on AAS Round 3

I usually pick out a random NBA matchup from You Pick Em!!! by Coolguy174. But next week is going to be kind of interesting, so stay tuned for that. Dttat, Jok, here’s your matchup:



Gambling on AAS


Hiya athletes! It’s Nickelodeon12 and I haven’t posted often, so I decided I’ll make a post on here. Today we’re gambling on AAS. Here’s how it works. In the comments, give your name and someone you want to verse. Then, every DAY, I’ll post up a random NFL, NHL, MLB, or NBA matchup for the two people to compete with. The two people say who’s going to win and amount of money they’re gambling for. If they side the same, then I’ll pick other people to join in.

Sign-ups end tomorrow at 8PM EST, I’m posting up the first match-up.

A Shaqoneal14 Blog Exclusive!


New Project: The AllStar Factor!

It’s an HONOR to be nominated for Athlete Versus and I know I’ll probably lose, but I wanted some competition, so yeah.

Nickelodeon12 here, you guys have heard of this all before. Reality TV where people are stranded on a desert island. Or where they try to become the next singing sensation. This January 4 contestants on Action AllStars will compete to become the Ultimate AllStar in the AllStar Factor! I’m looking for 2 well-known AllStars that may or may-not be MVP who disagree a lot but are willing to do the show together.  I’m also on the look out for a good Amateur-Rookie-Pro who can be on the show, but this is going to take a while for me to find. The last contestant will be a not AS well-known non-MVP Veteran or AllStar. Together they will compete in Games, SPORTS, and other things on Action AllStars. We’ll also go behind the scenes and see what they’re planning next. This is such a big project and it might not take until the end of January for us to have everything ready. I need:

  • 2 Camera People.
  • Somebody who can Round up all the People for shooting .(Sort of like an Off-Set Director.)
  • A host.

So that means we have 8 jobs to fill-in, if you would like to try please fill-out this form.

Action AllStars Username:

Job I’m Applying For:

Experience for the Job:


Athlete Versus…Winners.

Hey athlete’s Shaqoneal14 here with a new……ATHLETE VERSUS…..

But before I do I have to say “Congrats” to these athletes:

ChefBahamas Beating SunsFan3 by 9 votes..”Congrats” Chef


Naomi12909 Beating Basketb22 by also 9 votes..”Congrats”..

These awesome athlete’s just won 400 fabulous tokens…..Another “Congrats”

So here are the next ones:

Coolguy174 VS Nickelodeon12

Coolguy174 VS Nickelodeon12

And the girls: THE TRIVIA QUEENS…

SosynoiD VS Dionysos

There you go and remember:

If you want to be in my “Athlete Versus” Comment below..


 P.S Smoothie/Clayton1 I hope you’re OK with this..If you are not let me know right away…BTW I mean the signature…lol.


I’m Back

I should have never left. I’m sorry, Shaq. I’ll post more later, I’m doing my Homework.


P.s It’s coolguy174, That Homework was EASY!!!

Awesome news AND! G’y Blog!

Hey athletes! Shaqoneal14(allstars) here! lol.

Well i have important news for you guys…

First1: I Will keep posting on this blog! YYaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!…….Sooooo Nickelodeon12 And Thebenjibang, And hopefully Clayton1/Smooveguy6 if he could please join this blog again……Could keep writing…But please join the team again Smoothie..

Second2: Never EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER………EVER!!!!!!!Visit this blog:

That is the GA’EST blog EVER…..Its even Ga’er if you know the owner UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!:

Nick317 😦


First of all: He Reported All of our blogs…!!!!(Not mine but i still hate him!)Look at it:

And look at this, But when you see Thebenjibang Fell SORRY For him…..

But then take a look at this:

It says ”Posted by thebenjibang1

Nick317 made his name look like thebenjibang posted it.What a monster.Nick317 is so MESSED UP!!!!.

Dont talk to him when you see him on Action allstars.

And this is another way Nick317 is ST’PID.



He stoled Dxbeast22 SPOTLIGHT PIC.


 So dont talk to him or be freinds with him or DO NOT! DO NOT! DO NOT! VISIT