Mixed Athlete..Ref Style..Winners….

Hey Athlete’s Shaqoneal14 here! With a little something I like to call……..


But before I do that I’d like to congradulate My Winners!!!

In First Place I’d Like To Announce………Dttat2458!!!!!!!Woot Woot!!

                                                                                                        “Great Job Dttat2458!!!!U just got 1000 tokens and 5 T.V”s

And here are my others winners…..IN SECOND PLACE ISSS…..DRUM ROLL………TA-TA-TA-TA-TA…..


Nick317..Nick just won 800 tokens and 4 T.V’s…

Great Job Guys!!!

And we didnt have any third place because Dttat2458 and Nick317 were the only ones that got the answer..Which was….

Refs: RefPhoenixx/RefComet

Athletes: Tarheel3672/Somebody

I know lots of people said RefBlitz..But its alright..                                                                                                                                                       But I am gonna let everybody else go home with 600 Tokens and 3 T.V’s because you guys got…

Tarheel3672/Somebody…OK WELL LETS GET TO THE NEXT….



OK..First one to get both Refs And Athletes will get 1000 Tokens and 5 T.V’s..If you only get one..800 Tokens and 4 T.V’s…

Until next time…




Mixed Athlete..Ref Style…(Late Post).And Regular..

Hey athlete’s Shaqoneal14 here! And with a late post..

Sorry bout this..I have been really busy the past three days..

But here are the winners for the past Mixed Athlete Ref Style.





400 Tokens for you awesome guys..Great job!

Here is the next “Mix”..Ref Style.

And I am gonna start doing this: Regular after Ref Style.

Like this:

Sorry its a “Little Blurry” Please excuse it.

But thats what ima start to do.

Remember: If  you get the Refs Or The Regular Action Allstars one..800 Tokens

If You get both 1000 tokens..

Laterz athletes