Sig is ready!

Hey Athlete’s!…..SHAQONEAL14 HERE!

Just wanna notify Coolguy174, Your sig is ready!…

And because I took too long, I apoligize…

Thats it!….And just to say that: I will NOT be making headers anymore due to trouble on my computer.

So just SIGS…




Will be ready in….

Shaqoneal14 here with information….

The headers and sigs you guys ordered will come in on the dates:

Coolguy174 header: Ready!

Nickelodeon12 sig: 3/3 to 3/5

There you guys go!

Let me know if I forgot your order OR Just make an order for the AWESOME HEADERS AND SIGS FROM:Shaqoneal14

Sig is ready!

SunsFan3, your sig is ready!


P.S-Hope you like it!

Sig is ready!

Shaqoneal14 here!

Coolguy174 your signature is finished!

Dalton0521 your signature is finished!




TheBenjiBang your sig is ready:

Its awesome!!!

Sig is ready!..Do you want a sig like this?

Just letting Nick317 know that his signature is ready and to all you athletes that have bought a sig from me..To contact me if you want one like this….

NO COST IF YOU WANT TONE LIKE THIS!!!!(only if you have bought one from me)also my bloggers will get one for FREE!!!!!!!Woot woot!!!ok well laters and here is the link to Nick317..

Or just go to the Pick up SIG…

But if you want a signature like you saw a minute ago comment on order SIG…Laters


Your sig is ready!

I just wanna say that Nickelodeon12..Your signature is finally ready…

Click on this link: