Allstar game: 2012, 2013

Hey athlete’s SHAQONEAL14 here!

Lets talk about the Allstar Game!!!!!!

Well this year West took on East and once again, they won!!!!!!


East just needed a three pointer!!!!!!!!BTW, I went for EAST!!!!!!!!

Kevin Durant was the MVP…..




You gonna watch the 2013 Allstar Game???

Well you better!!

It’s gonna take place in Houston, TX!!!

Idk if I am gonna go to Houston or just watch it here on my couch!!!

But I know that I am gonna watch it because:

For all you EAST Fans(like me), EAST IS GONNA TAKE THE GAME NEXT YEAR!!!!!

So well that’s it for now, but keep on the look out on my blog for more news about the 2013 Allstar Game!


P.s. Coolguy174, your HEADER IS READY…..




3 things you never thought you’d hear over the NFL season


Hey athletes, we have witnessed three things we didn’t think we’d hear this NFL season. The first two just happened, and the third has been happening. Number one: The Packers lose a game, and to the Chiefs!  The Green Bay Packers perfect season ended before, when the Chiefs surprised them. A new interim coach, Romeo Crennel, and new QB, Kyle Orton,the Chiefs. Aaron Rodgers went only 17 for 35 and only threw for 235 yards. Orton went 23 for 31 and threw for 299 yards. The Chiefs surprisingly win, 19-14. Number two: The Colts WIN a game. Yeah, it’s finally happened. After starting 0-13, the Colts finally pulled out a win. This loss really hurt the Titans quest for playoffs, Matt Hasselbeck threw 2 interceptions, and Chris Johnson ran for only 55 yards. Dan Orlovsky, the Colts QB, threw one touchdown. The Colts won that game, 27-13. And Number three: Tim Tebow is on a run! As you can see I’m a Tebow fan with my Tebow jersey on. Since Tim Tebow started for the Broncos the Broncos are 7-1, and in 6 of those games, Tebow has led the Broncos from losing in the second half, to end up winning the game. Today I’ll root for Tebow, because he’s playing Tom Brady and the Patriots. That will be a great game! Well athletes, that is 3 things you didn’t think you’d hear over the course of the NFL season. But you heard it here! Now tell your friends! Lol, later athletes, see you again soon!

~Keep it cool~

NBA is back! Preseason that is…

Hey athletes! Yes, NBA is back! After the players and owners agreed to a deal of making a 66 game season starting on Christmas Day, but that isn’t when all the basketball starts! Yesterday, we had some action-packed preseason basketball, the first time we’ve had basketball for a while. Last night, the Chicago Bulls went to Indiana to face the Pacers, and the Bulls reigning mvp, Derrick Rose, led them to victory with 16 points and 4 assists. Bulls win, 95-86. Now onto the next game. The Philadelpia 76ers visited Washington DC, as they played the Wizards. Philadelphia ruled the boards with getting a combined 42 rebounds. Evan Turner led the 76ers to a win with 16 points and 7 rebounds. Philadelphia beat the Wizards 103-78. Now onto Cleveland Cavaliers vs Detroit Pistons. This one was close. Kyle Irving the rookie had a fantastic game with the Cavs. He had a total of 21 points, 6 rebounds, and 3 assists. The Cavs win that in a close one, 91-87. The last game from yesterday was The New Orleans Hornets going to Memphis and playing their first game this season without Chris Paul. Jarret Jack had a great day for the Hornets. He had 24 points, 6 assists, and 6 rebounds. He led the Hornets to their first preseason victory, the Hornets beat the Grizzlies, 97-90.

Ok athletes, that was the first day of NBA preseason. There’s more coming up tonight, my favorite team, the New York Knicks, are playing today at 2:00 pm, their first game with Tyson Chandler. (A great pick-up I’d say) Can’t wait to watch some NBA! Happy Holidays athletes, see you again soon!

~Keep it cool~