Order SIG

This is what your supposed to put to get a signature:

Your Action Allstars name:

What  you want out of the prices page:

What your name is in real life:

The URL for a website im putting this on..

Have you sent the tokens:

Fill these out in the comments and you will have your signature in a giff..LOL!



29 Responses

  1. I see u make great headers so if u could make one for me that be nice….The people I need are me, tbb, boy, u, coolgirl, justin, and Nickelodeon12. I’d like it like you have the header on your blog. Names above also.
    I’ll give u 1000 tokens…
    I will when I make sure you can make me a header…
    Please put this on the pick up page too…And thanks in advance…

  2. Do I have to put them in order like u listed them??

  3. nick317
    i’ll pay 1200 tokens (can you put phillies101)
    my real name is sal
    yes i have sent 1500 tokens

  4. Nick317
    I’ll pY 1500 TOKENS(this sig i want is like nickelodeon12 that you made for him)

  5. TheBenjiBang
    pretty much wht yourboy got except dark blue words and orange backround
    so i’ll give you 2000 tokens if you put a Denver Broncos logo on the bottem
    http://www.coolguy174.wordpress.com and just put it in one of my post
    I will but if it’s NOT good then i WONT pay but ik it will be good

    Also sorry for not posting on your blog. I am very busy with life cuz i got wrestling, basketball, and i used to have football but we have one last game soon. Yes i still have football. We have a probowl type thing so i am in it.

    • Okay Shaq i got another one i need. I want one with the Home and Away clothes for magic. the exact same thing except no broncos and meet me somewhere in aas… got it? 1200 tokens

  6. This Looks like quality work,,,,
    ill take 2 sigs, 4800 tokens
    multiple pics of me in boss gear, and my athlete name in , green and pink
    tokens are sent
    reportersofactionallstars.wordpress.com and aaflsports.wordpress.com


    athlete pic with name with thunder logo to right side of name

  7. Dalt, by boss gear..What do u mean?

  8. coolguy174
    1000 tokens (With Cool Writing, Color I’m wearing, etc)
    I am going to right after this comment, and comment when I do.
    I’d like the thing I’m wearing now ASAP, the Pirates Gear… Please reply when you got the picture because I want my Giants gear on by the Super Bowl… Happy Super Bowl Weekend!

  9. ok i gave you 800 tokens for a sig

    800 token sig
    Real Name: Nickson
    Blog URL:http://zacefron597.wordpress.com
    I have sent the tokens

  10. Why Not . . . .

    AAS Name: SunsFan3

    Type of Signature: Can i have one just like dalton0521. My athlete picture on the signature and the signature itself. Can you see me before you take my picture for the signature so that i can change. Also can you make sure my signature color font matches my clothes thanks.

    Real Name: David

    Blog URL:http://reportersofactionallstars.wordpress.com/

    Tokens: Can you reply to this comment and tell me how many tokens i owe you so i can pay you for your hard work thanks lol

  11. nabil47
    i want like tbb but in pats and im wearing my pats stuff

    how many tokens do i need for tht tell me

  12. can you tell me how much i owe you from the last order please?


  13. Shaq wanna be in my blog and can i get my picture with a signature

  14. Bro360
    One pic with header
    I sent one tv and 200 tokens

  15. Your Action Allstars name: Nickelodeon12
    What you want out of the prices page: 1000 tokens
    What your name is in real life: Nick (Duh)
    The URL for a website im putting this on.. All my blogs
    Have you sent the tokens: No

    Do it Monday, I’ll send tokens then.

  16. Coolguy174
    I’ll give you 1000 tokens
    http://coolguy174.wordpress.com/ and https://shaqoneal14allstars.wordpress.com/
    Make it so it says Coolguy174, SuperSonics and then its the same color as this outfit. https://shaqoneal14allstars.wordpress.com/

  17. U make sweet sigs can u make me onE

  18. Aas name : surferdude30
    Real name : Mickel
    Want my pic and it say surferdude30
    Wht I the cost I am ready to pay shish it seems like a store

  19. AAS name:ray8088

    real name:Jasone
    I wont it to say ray8088 is the best.
    i payed

  20. on ray8088blogs.wordpress.com

  21. Brett297 ill give to 1500 tokens if u give me jazz sign Brett http://www.actionallstarsswat.wordpress.com i will send the tokens soon

  22. garnett888
    my picture on it with colors on picture
    Cool writing= cursive
    I want Lebron and wade standing next to me
    name: Bobby
    I did send tokens

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