Pick up SIG

This is where you pick up your signature..I will leave a post about it…





Dalton0521:(sig with multiple pics coming soon to Dalton0521)







14 Responses

  1. Yo shaq, i was wondering if you could make me a Blue/Black sig with TBB in Blue and Black backround, bolded out like yourboy’s and with my outfit i am wearing right now! I’ll wear it until i have to do some other snuff [stuff] Also i am gonna make MORE post on here and sorry for IGNORING one of the greatest blogs EVAR

  2. were is mine And can i have eagles background though

  3. Shaq you are a BEAST! thank you shaq i’ll give you alot of credit also i will make sure i will post atleast 13 post in the month of Feburary! I’ll do Jersey Battle [it was my idea oringal but Dalt used it WITCH i don’t mind but only Dalt can do it thts it!] I’ll do a thing called Crazy Fan of The Week and last i’ll do a game show called Is it RIGHT or WRONG alright take cair ole Shaq-ie [my new nickname for you, I would call you The Big Man but i think Shaq-ie sounds better js]

  4. Thanks Bro Namath

  5. Thanks

  6. Hey shaq may I have a sig?

    Brett297 🙂

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