New Series: Mystery Athlete!

Hey guys!!! It’s been a while since I introduced a new contest to you guys, it’s always been the same, like Mixed Athlete and Turf Challenge. But this awesome blog staff has been able to cover that up and help you focus on their great ideas. Anyway, you’ve seen this contest before, Mystery athlete. If you haven’t, here’s the rules. First, I give you the full picture of two athletes here on Action Allstars, and you have to guess who that athlete is. First person to get both right gets 600 tokens. First person to not get both but get one gets 200 tokens. Sound easy enough? Ok, here we go.

Can you guess these athletes?

Celtics? Really?

Yankees, now thats a quality team.

Who are these athletes? First to get both wins 600 tokens. First person not to get both but get one gets 200 tokens. Good luck athletes, and have a happy new year.

~Keep it cool~


8 Responses

  1. arshak13 and abbster2

  2. jok34 and abbster2

  3. jok34 and abbster2

  4. celtics r awsom

  5. jok34 and abbster2

  6. jok34 and abbster2

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