ABL Draft Results

Hello all ABL athletes! As you may know, the ABL Draft has been completed, and the results have been shown to the public. If you haven’t seen them on http://ablnewscorner.wordpress.com/ then I will show you them right now.


Captain: omgiamcool

Drafted: Eisner24 (1st round) Coolguy174 (2nd round)


Captain: Dalton0521

Drafted: Jok34 (1st round) Ben427 (2nd round) *later traded to Rockets forSmooveguy6 in a second round trade*


Captain: Nationalswagz

Drafted: Sunsfan3 (1st round) Ryguy832 (2nd round)


Captain: TBB

Drafted: Didn’t attend draft, Received Brett297


Captain: derickrose120

Drafted: Kool98, traded Smooveguy6 to Milwaukee for 2013 draft pick and Ben427 Signed Kyle18 after draft


Captain: Dillion949

Drafted: wasn’t at the draft. Needs players

This information comes straight through the Official ABL Blog. That’s all for now athletes, have a very good night, and hope to see you on the ABL courts.


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